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Welcome to Queens Law!

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Dear Incoming Students,

Firstly, congratulations on your acceptance into Queens Law!! Whether you are a first year student, a transfer student, a graduate student, or here on a Letter of Permission, welcome!!

My name is Kelly Watson. I transferred to Queens Law in 2016 and have been thrilled with my decision. It can feel intimidating at first, but if you force yourself to be social and get involved, you will be great!

How did it feel being new to Queens Law?

Honestly, I was scared at first. I was worried that I would not make any friends, or that people may be mean or not accepting, or that I might flounder academically, but fortunately, this was NOT the case. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming! I was SO relieved! Now I can honestly say I have a great group of friends and that I adjusted well academically too.

My Advice?

Get involved! Join Clubs! Be social! There are many opportunities at Queens Law to get involved! Clubs Day, for example, is coming up in the next week or two! In fact, in an effort of self-promotion, Juris Diction will be accepting applications for new writers, so come check out our table! Joining clubs, attending club events, social events, and getting involved are all great ways to meet people. In my experience, the more you get out there and meet people, the better your QL experience will be! Don’t be shy, just be yourself and you’ll feel at home in no time. Also, make sure to join the Facebook groups: “Queen’s Law Students”, “Queens Law- Class of 2020”, “Queen’s Law Transfer Students”, and “Queens Law Textbook Marketplace” (this one is especially helpful!)

What do you need to know coming into Queens Law?

  1. QL – Everyone refers to Queens Law as “QL”.
  2. Smokers – Smokers are a weekly event on Thursday nights. They are a long standing QL tradition. Smokers are only for QL students, so it is a great way to meet people. Also, there is usually always a pre-party at someone’s place before smokers, which is another great way to meet people. Most Smokers take place at “The Grizz”. Hopefully everyone got a chance to attend the welcome back beach themed smoker, because it was pretty awesome!
  3. The Grizz – The Grizz refers to “The Grizzly Grill” which is a bar downtown. It has a huge grizzly bear head (that is about one meter in height and width) above the entrance of the bar. It is on the main road: Princess Street.
  4. The Learning Commons – The Learning Commons, also commonly referred to as “The LC”, is an amazing study space! It’s immediately below the library, but is not technically part of the library, and is only for QL Students! You will receive a fob from Helen Connop or Nancy Somers and it will allow you to access the LC.
  5. Helen Connop – Helen Connop is your best friend!! She helps students with everything! And if throughout the year you ever have any health issues, academic concerns, mental health issues, etc., she is your “go to” gal. Everyone loves her because she is the BEST resource and can help you with anything you need. Her office is located right by student’s lockers.
  6. Locker – I recommend getting a locker in the law building. Great place to store your stuff and it’s another good way to get to know your fellow QL colleagues.
  7. Student Lounge – There is a fridge and two microwaves in the student lounge, which is awesome if you like to bring meals to campus (like me!).
  8. Pizza – Hope you like Pizza Pizza because most QL events (especially in the first month) include loads of pizza!

Final Advice?

Honestly, QL is a really supportive environment! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Orientation Leaders, Upper Year Buddies, Tutors/Peer Mentors. Lastly: Be nice to one another! Help each other out when you can. We are all in this together!

Kelly Watson (3L) is the Publisher of Juris Diction.

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