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Hey QL,


I still hope to sell the following used books. All in good condition. DM for details:


Tourtière and Other Six-Step Recipes


Learning Minimal Law: Policy Pearls that Score Participation Points in Every Class


Barbarous Encumbrances: Litigation Procedure in Real Life


Sales Tax: Mundane Transactions in Maddening Detail


Oosterhoff on Wills and Longing, Succession and Failure, Suspicion and Betrayal – Ninth Edition


Administrative Best Practices: Outlining Procedures Fairly and Speed-Reading Substantively


Core Issues in Bored Governance: How to Make Your Endeavors Careful and Fun


Expands: A Collection of Tales About the Growth of the Common Law


Negotiating For Principals Who Are Dummies



Friend Law (including an updated chapter on how to talk about relationship statuses!)


Comparative Makeup Law: Foundations and Highlights of the Legal Order


Passively Accumulating Insecurities: A Commentary on Student Debt


Fake Estate Law: Annotations to Memorable Charades-on-Equity


Local Human Wrongs: Deference in Roommate Dispute Resolution


Physical Health Chaos: Managing Lifestyle During Exams


Trading Marks and Cooperating: Fairness in Study Groups

IP2 front cover.indd


Legal Problem Proliferation: The Lawyerly Arts of Citation and Innuendo


Copying is Patently Wrong! Examples Illustrating Compliance with International Norms


Groundless Speculation: How Judges Really Think


Legal Re-Taking: The Practical Guide to Course Selection


Getting to “Interests”: Beating Grade-Hypostatization in Job Interviews


The Law of Concepts: Deconstructing Positive Legalisms, by T.H.E. Brain


Amateurish Buffoonery: Irregular Conduct in 3-LOL


Ease and Recreation Law: Assorted Scholarly Monologues that Only True Gunners Enjoy


An End to Sensual Impropriety, Reader: Law


Andrew Bala (3L) is a contributor to Juris Diction. Jason Liang (3L) is the managing editor of Juris Diction.

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  1. December 8, 2016 at 10:06 pm — Reply

    So how can I join. I have lots of books to sell and buy

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