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Thousands of Tragically Hip fans pack Kingston's city square (credit: Lars Hagberg, The Canadian Press).

The legendary Canadian band Bring It All Back to their hometown

What are the copyright implications of Bey’s not-so-subtle reference to the family restaurant chain in “Formation”?
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The year is new and the routine grind is slowly commencing once more. Fret not! I put together a short list of things to come on the 2016 horizon. This list is intentionally obscure, and each item occupies a different medium.

A northern alternative to California’s Coachella for twenty-something law students
Photo by Dustin Gaffe, Creative Commons

Block out the hum of the library with these go-to study albums
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One culture commentator’s take on the best music to come out of 2014
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East Coasters Hey Rosetta! release their gleaming and glorious new album, Second Sight