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With less than two weeks to go, it’s no longer about the leaders and their hair anymore—it’s about us!

As the current official opposition, the New Democratic Party has come a long way from its humble roots. Now, it could be the main obstacle to a Conservative victory in the next election. Co-Opinion Editor James Omran takes a look at the party’s chances in the upcoming election.
Photos by Billie Leung, Juris Diction

Today we’re talking to the candidates running for Vice-President Academic: Silvia Cioci (1L), Nima Hojjati (1L), Sydney Bunting (1L), and Sheida Rezapour (2L).
Photos by Billie Leung, Juris Diction

Who are you going to trust to manage your (okay, Queens’ Law’s) money? Find out as we talk to Ashley Pitcher, Michael Scott, and Joel Schachter, all running for VP Finance.
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Though we’d love an exciting presidential race to rival the excitement of the impending Trudeau-Harper showdown, Meagan Berlin is running unopposed for LSS President.
Photos by Billie Leung, Juris Diction

Have you—like the rest of us—wondered what’s going to happen when Jenn Dumoulin graduates at the end of this year? Don’t worry! Megan Levy-McLaughlin (MLV) and Madeleine Tyber (MT)—or at least whichever one of them is elected as VP Administrative—have it covered.
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Here at Queen’s Law, we all know elections are the most exciting time of the year, so what better way to celebrate the election of a new LSS core than with profiles of our candidates? We’ve asked all of the people running to respond to some questions (both general and specific to their positions). First up is Cam Rempel, running unopposed for Vice-President Activities.