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November, it’s been 1L of a month. Is it Christmas yet?

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The pun in this headline is lazy. It’s lazy because I made the same joke in September when it was 1L of a hot day to read indoors. Homecoming was 1L of a party. I was 1L of a lot more creative in September.

November is not as much fun as September. This is an incontrovertible fact. I will sue any of you who attempt to disagree. I’ve been at law school for three months, and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that people litigate about all sorts of things. Our Constitution owes a lot to apple producers, wheat millers, cheesemakers, egg farmers, and duck hunters.

I envy these people because they get to go outside. I’m told Lake Ontario is still there even if I’m in the library. There’s a joke here about the civil standard of proof because I’m too cool.

No, I’m probably not. If anything, law school has made me further embrace nerdy in-jokes because without them I just have bags under my eyes and a first-name relationship with the barista at Starbucks. If anyone’s there right now, I am probably somewhere in the building and will gladly accept caffeine – gratuitously, that is. See? We just learnt about the classic contracts problem: ‘If you walk to York’. Professors: I am paying attention! Friends: I am the worst!

November is grey, rainy, snowy, and cold. The law building is full of pizza, stress, and viruses. My hypochondria is tingling more than usual. I was sick three times in October. Why is everybody sick? The warm glow of orientation is a distant memory as are the summer temperatures. Homecoming is even fuzzier than it was in October. Reading week could have been last year. Christmas seems ages away.

Today I was googling whether we would survive a nuclear attack by North Korea, because, in a moment of lunacy, I thought the news might be less depressing than realistically assessing my own legal knowledge. I am even more dramatic than usual. I am starting to sound a bit desperate. It’s not a good look for me. Time to snap out of it.

So, what’s good about November? 1L survived its first major assignment, the ILS memo. There were samosas on sale this week. I discovered the ‘top secret’ bagel at Common Ground. I got to be on a jury for a 3L mock trial. I got to see my family at reading week for a much-needed break. I was twenty feet from Beverley McLachlin.

Even though school seems like a tsunami and I feel like a beach hut, I am having the time of my life. My brain feels like play-dough – a terrifying thought, but I feel it being transformed. If anything, I know it’s being worked. Whether this work has any bearing on my December exam results remains to be seen.

I’m still waiting for that coffee.

Alex McPherson is a Staff Writer.  He is in 1L.

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