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Exam Advice for 1Ls

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Step 1: Stop worrying so much! Everything will be fine!

Step 2: Do not update your software, especially if you have a Mac because updates sometimes mess with ExamSoft, so just avoid it to be safe.

Step 3: Spread your time evenly! Don’t get stuck on one area or one course. Manage your time among your courses!

Step 4: I know majority of us are perfectionists, but your answers on exams do not have to look beautiful. Just focus on getting your answer down, then move on. If you have extra time, you can review your answer and then you can always doodle if you still have time.

Side note – Wouldn’t it be cool if all cases could end with “TL/DR”? For those unfamiliar with Reddit, this acronym stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read”. Example: TL/DR: Aboriginal peoples have rights (Sparrow).

Step 5: Ask your tutor for advice – they are happy to help!

Side note 2 — If you have any health, emotional, family issues that come up, don’t be afraid to reach out to Helen Connop. In case you haven’t met her yet (which you should because she’s awesome), her office is right across from student lockers near the LC side entrance. She is your “go-to gal” if anything comes up!

Encouraging wisdom – 1L is the hardest year and rest assured that it gets easier, I promise!!

Step 6: Study groups! 1L’s you are all in this together, so don’t be afraid to work together! Study groups can be a great way to review concepts and past exams together. But if study groups aren’t your thing, or you think you will find them more stressful than helpful, it’s okay to say “No” too.  You do you.

TLDR: You will all get B’s and you will all be fine!


Kelly Watson (3L) is Managing Editor.

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