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Make an informed decision before casting your vote on March 2nd

Is law school the real world? 3L Students Nika Farahani and Sheida Rezapour respond to the idea that real life only starts after we leave school and enter the workforce.
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A graduating student’s take on the increasingly high price of becoming a lawyer.

Columnists Sheida Rezapour and Nika Farahani have created this space as a way to share ideas, challenge the status quo, and generate healthy debate
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A ‘reading between the lines’ of all law school cover letters
Supreme Court Judge Beverley McLachlin takes part in the welcoming ceremony for Justice Richard Wagner at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa on Monday, December 3, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

The first in a new series about everyone’s favourite Justices, Max Xiao gives us a peek into the woman behind the judgments we all know and love
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Why it’s okay to ask questions about our new government
An Elections Canada ballot box is shown on federal election day in Montreal, Monday, May 2, 2011. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Editor-in-Chief Adam Sadinsky encourages undecided voters to vote for lawyers in Monday’s General Election
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Welcome to the newest segment of Juris Diction. In this column, entitled Split Decision, Jacob Mantle and Jess Spindler discuss current political affairs from both political and legal perspectives. The current election provides us a perfect first topic: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
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For almost a decade the Conservative Party has held the support of civil libertarians (like myself). Not anymore—and that spells trouble for the Tories.
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Opinion Editors James Omran and Harshi Mann spoke with professors at Queen’s University Faculty of Law about what legal issues law students should consider when voting in the upcoming federal election on October 19, 2015.
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Kathleen Lahey, a professor at Queen’s University Faculty of Law, addresses the issues surrounding childcare in the context of the upcoming Canadian federal election. She specializes in taxation, tax policy, property law, gender and equality, and law and sexuality.

Our 2L LSS Council President shares his ideas for the upcoming year, and welcomes the Class of 2018.

You may think of the dissent as ‘that part of a case you usually skip unless your professor tells you to read it’, but here at Juris Diction, The Dissent is a place to share ideas, challenge the status quo and generate healthy debate. Columnists Sheida Rezapour and Nika Farahani invite all of QL to join the discussion.

As the current official opposition, the New Democratic Party has come a long way from its humble roots. Now, it could be the main obstacle to a Conservative victory in the next election. Co-Opinion Editor James Omran takes a look at the party’s chances in the upcoming election.
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A few 2Ls offered to share their reflections of first-year with the Class of 2018. The wisdom of a 2L can be worth its weight in gold, especially when it’s constrained to 17 syllables.
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An insider’s take on why the SGPS is worth your time.
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My advice is to take it easy. This is law school—it’s going to be stressful, confusing, and a little crazy. But it’s also exciting.
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“We need to make forward progress, with an eye to the dashboard rather than to the rearview.”
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With second year coming to an end and procrastination kicking in, I have been reflecting on my two years at law school
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“This year has taught me certain things and I would like to share a couple of them with you.”
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“We’ve had reason to question our commitment to inclusiveness. A lot of us 1Ls have had reason to question the truth behind the Queen’s community. I used to feel like I didn’t quite fit.”