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For the first time ever, the Queen’s Law Students’ Society (LSS) is conducting an election for the newly-created position of Aboriginal Student Representative. Juris Diction staff writer Catherine Cliff discussed the new position with Jason Mercredi, the 1L student who petitioned the LSS to create the position. Jason is also a council member of the Queen’s Aboriginal Law Students’ Alliance.

Ian Moore’s guide to staying current on current events
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As we near the end of the longest election in Canadian history, here’s a refresher on some of the key legal issues that you should think about as you cast your vote.

With the world captivated by the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe, Juris Diction’s Adnan Subzwari discussed the crisis with Professor Sharryn Aiken, a Queen’s Law professor and past president of the Canadian Council for Refugees.
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At the annual general meeting, the Law Students Society of Ontario (LSSO) re-affirmed its previous goals and set plans to address growing concerns about students’ financial and curricular woes.
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Justice Rothstein reflects on more than two decades on the bench
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A guide to understanding the SCC’s recent decision regarding physician-assisted suicide
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Today we’re talking to the candidates running for Vice-President Academic: Silvia Cioci (1L), Nima Hojjati (1L), Sydney Bunting (1L), and Sheida Rezapour (2L).
Photos by Billie Leung, Juris Diction

Who are you going to trust to manage your (okay, Queens’ Law’s) money? Find out as we talk to Ashley Pitcher, Michael Scott, and Joel Schachter, all running for VP Finance.
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Though we’d love an exciting presidential race to rival the excitement of the impending Trudeau-Harper showdown, Meagan Berlin is running unopposed for LSS President.
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Have you—like the rest of us—wondered what’s going to happen when Jenn Dumoulin graduates at the end of this year? Don’t worry! Megan Levy-McLaughlin (MLV) and Madeleine Tyber (MT)—or at least whichever one of them is elected as VP Administrative—have it covered.
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Here at Queen’s Law, we all know elections are the most exciting time of the year, so what better way to celebrate the election of a new LSS core than with profiles of our candidates? We’ve asked all of the people running to respond to some questions (both general and specific to their positions). First up is Cam Rempel, running unopposed for Vice-President Activities.
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In the fall semester, News Editor Michael Scott sat down with Dean William Flanagan to discuss enrollment expansion and legal education in Ontario. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.
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Career office touts benefits of self-directed job search, cautiously optimistic about Law Practice Program
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Controversy continues for Trinity Western University Law School as LGBTQ student advocacy group writes letter urging BC government to reverse the law school’s approval
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Survey of Ontario law students highlights inaccessibility of legal education due to high cost of tuition and student debt
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In the wake of widespread criticism, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) has unexpectedly reversed its decision to intervene in Chevron Corporation et al v. Yaiguaje, et al. at the Supreme Court. The case involves a dispute over whether Canadian courts have jurisdiction to enforce a judgement by an Ecuadorean court
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Justice Barak, former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, gave the 2014 Laskin Lecture on Monday, October 20, 2014
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Queen’s Law criminal law faculty members cast doubts on potential success of Magnotta’s defense
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What impact has increasing the first-year class size by 21% had on the QL experience?
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Queen’s Law Cancer Society raises $6,100 for breast cancer research at CIBC Run for the Cure
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Memorial at Grant Hall commemorates life of former Dean of Law