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If you were so brave as to venture out into the virtual ooze that is the internet, you would know that at its best it is a gallery of topical Spongebob memes, but at its worst a fractured, tribalistic battleground with enough vitriol and snark to power a small sun. 
Katrina Crocker

Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written:   I wrote my personal statement back in October 2014, so needless to say it took some time to dig it up on my computer. At the time, my goal was the same goal I had upon starting my undergraduate
Steph McLoughlin

Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written:   Luckily, I’ve had the same computer since 2010 (please pray for me that it survives these last exams) so I still have my Personal Statement. Reading it over now several years later, I can definitely confirm that I am
Ben Wong

Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written:   I was a 4th year history major at McGill, on track for an illustrious career in the non-existent field of early 20th Century Atlantic maritime history. I applied to law school because my incredibly successful law student best friend

Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written:   Since high school, I was aware that I was a person of philosophic inclinations.  I have always been driven by a curiosity to understand how people conceptualize and order their lives, and to relate such conceptual models to how
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This past school year, the Queen’s Law Cancer Society (QLCS) raised over $25,000 for Canadian cancer research. In recognition of this achievement and the hard work of those involved, the Kingston branch of the Canadian Cancer Society presented QLCS with a Community Impact Award. “It was incredible to be involved
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Good news, QL. With this headline I have officially exhausted all forms of the wordplay riffing on how 1L rhymes with hell, so please stop avoiding me in the hall and ghosting me on social media! I keep looking at the calendar: is it April already? Yes. What happened to

First things first – who am I? My name is Kali Larsen and I’m a 3L Settler Ally. On March 2, 2018 I participated in the Kairos Blanket Exercise for the first time. The Kairos Blanket Exercise is “a teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous
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On February 27th, the Criminal Law Club and the Indigenous Students’ Alliance welcomed Stephen Ford back to Queen’s Law for the third time. Ford has worked as a sole practitioner since 2002, currently running his practice out of Toronto. Throughout his legal career he has fought for the protection of
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I am an Indigenous first year law student though my Indigenous background didn’t really play a significant role in my life until I attended university. I used my experience here at Queen’s to help me learn about my culture – I am a Lower Mohawk of the Six Nations of
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Jason Mercredi has been a formidable force over his three years at Queen’s Law. He has been a steadfast advocate for Indigenous rights and awareness within and without the Faculty of Law, and he has been at the head of the significant growth witnessed in the Queen’s Law community. I
Jordan Peterson addresses audience at Liberty Lecture in Grant Hall on Monday.
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Iain Sherriff-Scott, for the Queen's Journal

For a number of years, there has been an ongoing spirited debate within the newsrooms, watercoolers, and social media platforms of the nation concerning the treatment and the role of free expression in Canada, the U.S., and the wider global community. Free expression on college and university campuses has become
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Before I begin my indulgent Olympic love fest, it is probably important to point out that the Olympics, based on many aspects, are in fact, as the kids today say – #trash.  The International Olympic Committee has had a long history of corruption in how the games are awarded, stubbornness
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At Juris Diction’s annual LSS Town Hall events, the QL community usually hears from all of the candidates running for core student government, and while specific school issues change slightly, the tenor of these quasi-debates tend to be monotonous.  Quotes about the family nature of Queen’s Law, calls to bridge
Sir John A Macdonald Hall on a sunny summer day.

At Queen’s Law students past and present are part of a strong community of peers and mentors that begins at school and carries on after graduation. Litigation, transactional, Crown attorney, in-house, and government work are just a few of the exciting possibilities QL students heard about in February from some
Why Family Law Picture

Whenever I tell people I want to practice family, everyone always asks the same question and usually with a bit of disdain: Why Family Law? Well, there are many aspects to family law: Children, Property, Contracts, and Financials. As someone with a business background, my favorite area of family law
Space Debris

The Queen’s Sustainability and Environmental Law Club informs us on an important and growing issue in our solar system.

A couple of weeks ago, in a stress-induced state over my first-ever set of law school exams, I reached out to our little law school community – in particular, those in second and third year – for some of their time-tested wisdom. I was hoping for two or three comments
People attend a memorial service for Charleston Hartfield, a Las Vegas police officer who was killed on October 1, 2017 when a gunman opened fire on a county music festival, in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 5, 2017.
The Las Vegas gunman who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history also had scouted possible locations in Chicago and Boston, US media reported.  / AFP PHOTO / Robyn Beck        (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

On November 5th, only a month after the deadliest mass shooting in American history took place is Las Vegas, the United States was shaken by yet another senseless act of terror. This most recent attack occurred in a church in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Three of the

If I threw 1000 coins in the air, what are the odds that out of all 1000, exactly 500 would land heads and 500 tails? You’d be smart to bet against that happening of course. Technically there is a statistical probability ( 2.5%), but it’s small enough to assume it
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On November 20, 2017, Queen’s Women in the Law Club and the Principal’s Forum hosted “A fireside chat” with Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin. Chief Justice McLachlin is well known as the first female, and longest serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. The discussion with McLachlin CJC covered
Gord Last Show

Balloons all filled with rain As children’s eyes turn sleepy-mean And Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain For a boy in Fiddler’s Green On Wednesday morning Canadians were informed of a death that seemed to shake the entire country.  Flags were flown at half mast, moments of remembrance were observed before
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Last week, the Class of 2020 held the first student elections of the year, and among the winners was Presidential candidate Ben Fickling.  Campaigning on a platform of responsibility and accessibility, Ben brings experience in student government to Queen’s Law.  Our Co-Editor-in-Chief Ethan Gordon sat down with Fickling to get
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Dear Incoming Students, Firstly, congratulations on your acceptance into Queens Law!! Whether you are a first year student, a transfer student, a graduate student, or here on a Letter of Permission, welcome!! My name is Kelly Watson. I transferred to Queens Law in 2016 and have been thrilled with my
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This is the fourth installment of the series “3Ls Reading their Personal Statements featuring The Class of 2017”. Feature #1 and the introduction to this series can be found at this link. Feature 2 with Madeline Ritchie is here. Feature 3 with James Omran can be found here. FEATURE 4:
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This is the third installment of the series “3Ls Reading their Personal Statements featuring The Class of 2017”. Part 1 introduced us to David MacLean. Part 2 features Madeline Ritchie. FEATURE 3: JAMES OMRAN Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written: When writing my personal statement, I
JD2 - 1

FEATURE 2: MADELINE RITCHIE This is the second installment of the series “3Ls Reading their Personal Statements featuring The Class of 2017”. Feature #1 and the introduction to this series can be found here. Academic/Career Goals at the Time the Personal Statement was Written: I didn’t think to read my
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The best thing about Queen’s Law is the community. That is the selling point we have received – and perhaps repeated to others – at some point in our law school careers. At the forefront of our community are our clubs and their executives. These are law students who take
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Clubs need money to host events. And event organizers need certainty that their funding requests will be honoured. But at the same time, some measure of accountability must be maintained over how clubs funding is spent. Over the past year clubs have faced the additional hurdles of convoluted financial requirements.
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“Dear Law Student: I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the profession that you are about to enter is one of the most unhappy and unhealthy on the face of the earth—and, in the view of many, one of the most unethical. The good news