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Are you into Pro-Bone-O work, or do you enjoy literally killing what you eat? Take this unscientific quiz to find out if dogs or cats are your legal spirit animal.

Whether you are returning from a summer of being (un)productive or stumbling your way through orientation, being a part of Queen’s Law means having a busy social calendar. Here are some of the events that will be filling your inbox in the upcoming year:
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A real, behind-the-scenes look into the mind of an aspiring orientation leader
Photo by Juan Carlos Mejía, Creative Commons

What kind of law professors do you have?
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Take our scientifically-proven, 100 per cent accurate test to find out what kind of lawyer you’ll be!
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Our favourite judge sure knows how to make an entrance
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Learn about all the great experience your peers are getting at their jobs!
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Realizing that this will be the easiest part of your legal career
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Overly Complicated 1L Contract Cases
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An aspiring male lawyer’s account of rushing at Delta Gamma LLP
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Maybe this is why philosophers aren’t judges…and because they’re dead
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Surefire tips to leave an impression while mooting
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The Queen’s Law fashion police weigh in on a timeless question: hot or not?

Mild-mannered litigator Jack Lawyerman has an astonishing secret!

You’ll never know everything about your interviewer