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Procrastinate for the skill-set it produces. If you wait to do work, you are more efficient when you actually need to do it. Students who start working early on assignments or studying for exams never get to experience the pressure of an all-nighter, or the challenge of trying to proofread

The pun in this headline is lazy. It’s lazy because I made the same joke in September when it was 1L of a hot day to read indoors. Homecoming was 1L of a party. I was 1L of a lot more creative in September. November is not as much fun
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Am I ever going to understand torts? Is the air conditioning ever going to work? What is consideration? Is the line at the coffee shop always so long? What is the rule of law? Why is the floor so sticky here? The seemingly mundane questions mix in with the substantive
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As many law-students know, self-representation is one of the most prevalent symptoms of an underfunded justice system. Many who find themselves too poor to afford basic necessities are still considered “not poor enough” to qualify for public assistance.  Without representation, these people struggle to assert their Charter rights against seasoned

Jane Mundy (2L) is the De-Minimis Editor of Juris Diction.
Credit: Alyssa LeBlanc, Juris Diction

With the increasing trend towards hybrid degrees that combine the Juris Doctor (JD) with a master’s degree, the bare JD students may be finding it hard to compete in today’s tightening job market. After all, government agencies prefer a lawyer with a Master’s in Public Administration and a corporate law
Donald Trump with ECW Champion Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania 23, Detriot MI. Courtesy: WWE

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon are old friends. The Donald has appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programing for decades and is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Mr. McMahon’s wife, Linda McMahon has been named the Secretary for Small Business.   We are, therefore, very excited to

Introductory Remarks   These new Procedures are being rolled out in response to feedback from law students and accredited law schools in Ontario about concerns raised about the summer recruitment process (which has previously been referred to as OCI’s, and will henceforth be known as TII’s [Throw-It-In]). This multi-step process
Illustration by Jane Mundy.

Jane Mundy (2L) is De Minimis Editor for Juris Diction.
By Jane Mundy

Clarification of terms is never more important
Illustration and writing by Alex Hood.

Functional alcoholism deconstructed
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Some more books on sale at the Textbook Exchange…
By Jane Mundy

What the Pokemon Go fad really means for us…
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The following article is a satirical piece for April Fools’ Day

Shamelessly inspired by the cartoon on the lounge whiteboard

De Minimis looks at some of the new laws that took effect after January 1st, 2016
Illustration by Jane Mundy

Trudeau attempts to reform the Criminal Code
law motivation 3

Exam season is upon us. Here are some posters to keep you motivated through exam season!

Samosa fights for rights under the new bake sale bureaucracy
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Little tidbits of trivia that shouldn’t shape your vote, but just may