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If you were so brave as to venture out into the virtual ooze that is the internet, you would know that at its best it is a gallery of topical Spongebob memes, but at its worst a fractured, tribalistic battleground with enough vitriol and snark to power a small sun. 
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Procrastinate for the skill-set it produces. If you wait to do work, you are more efficient when you actually need to do it. Students who start working early on assignments or studying for exams never get to experience the pressure of an all-nighter, or the challenge of trying to proofread
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This past school year, the Queen’s Law Cancer Society (QLCS) raised over $25,000 for Canadian cancer research. In recognition of this achievement and the hard work of those involved, the Kingston branch of the Canadian Cancer Society presented QLCS with a Community Impact Award. “It was incredible to be involved
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Good news, QL. With this headline I have officially exhausted all forms of the wordplay riffing on how 1L rhymes with hell, so please stop avoiding me in the hall and ghosting me on social media! I keep looking at the calendar: is it April already? Yes. What happened to
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On February 27th, the Criminal Law Club and the Indigenous Students’ Alliance welcomed Stephen Ford back to Queen’s Law for the third time. Ford has worked as a sole practitioner since 2002, currently running his practice out of Toronto. Throughout his legal career he has fought for the protection of

First things first – who am I? My name is Kali Larsen and I’m a 3L Settler Ally. On March 2, 2018 I participated in the Kairos Blanket Exercise for the first time. The Kairos Blanket Exercise is “a teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous
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I am an Indigenous first year law student though my Indigenous background didn’t really play a significant role in my life until I attended university. I used my experience here at Queen’s to help me learn about my culture – I am a Lower Mohawk of the Six Nations of
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Jason Mercredi has been a formidable force over his three years at Queen’s Law. He has been a steadfast advocate for Indigenous rights and awareness within and without the Faculty of Law, and he has been at the head of the significant growth witnessed in the Queen’s Law community. I
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Over the past couple of months, the Sustainability and Environmental Law Club has taken a new approach to its Envirochats by collaborating with other clubs to host joint events. This has led to interesting discussions involving the intersection of environmental laws with other cultural and social interests. March 12th-16th was
Jordan Peterson addresses audience at Liberty Lecture in Grant Hall on Monday.
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Iain Sherriff-Scott, for the Queen's Journal

For a number of years, there has been an ongoing spirited debate within the newsrooms, watercoolers, and social media platforms of the nation concerning the treatment and the role of free expression in Canada, the U.S., and the wider global community. Free expression on college and university campuses has become
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Before I begin my indulgent Olympic love fest, it is probably important to point out that the Olympics, based on many aspects, are in fact, as the kids today say – #trash.  The International Olympic Committee has had a long history of corruption in how the games are awarded, stubbornness
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At Juris Diction’s annual LSS Town Hall events, the QL community usually hears from all of the candidates running for core student government, and while specific school issues change slightly, the tenor of these quasi-debates tend to be monotonous.  Quotes about the family nature of Queen’s Law, calls to bridge
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At Queen’s Law students past and present are part of a strong community of peers and mentors that begins at school and carries on after graduation. Litigation, transactional, Crown attorney, in-house, and government work are just a few of the exciting possibilities QL students heard about in February from some
Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Photo credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File.

A year ago last week, Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the 84th United States Attorney General following a contentious Senate debate about his suitability for the role. At the time, detractors such as the NAACP and ACLU noted his historic lack of commitment to civil rights, his hard line stance
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When exactly did I feel like the Grammys lost their credibility? It may have been in 2012 when Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year. Maybe it was in 2014 when Macklemore’s The Heist won Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar’s good kid,
The Law of Superheroes, by James Dailey and Ryan Davidson.

Are superheroes that beat on criminals civilly liable for damages? Is imprisoning an immortal “for life” a violation of the 8th amendment protection from cruel and unusual punishment? Does the 2nd amendment protect laser vision, adamantium claws, or magic powers? Who pays for the damage when the Avengers demolish downtown
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February is Black History Month. In Canada, we like to believe racism is not such an issue or as deeply ingrained into our history as our neighbours to the south. This acts as a blinder to the reality that our country and its institutions have a past wrought with racism.

The pun in this headline is lazy. It’s lazy because I made the same joke in September when it was 1L of a hot day to read indoors. Homecoming was 1L of a party. I was 1L of a lot more creative in September. November is not as much fun
Cinnamon Rolls - Credit Sweet Food

Get the sweet and sour of the five best places to get coffee (and more) in Kingston
Thousands of Tragically Hip fans pack Kingston's city square (credit: Lars Hagberg, The Canadian Press).

The legendary Canadian band Bring It All Back to their hometown

How “kids these days” can make a difference in the legal world after graduation.
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What’s on the mind of students as we enter the final month of classes in 2015-16?
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Features Measuring Mental Capacity in Sports: The Dennis Wideman Incident by Jordan Kirlik (1L) Vitiating factors: How one Toronto doctor’s “wrongful birth” claim could change Tort Law by Matthew Cook (3L) Culture Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love with Red Lobster? by Jaymie Maddox (2L) Opinion A Day in the Life of a Transfer
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From Serial to Smudging, JD’s seventh issue of the 2015-16 academic year gets some talk going.
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Motion to adopt smudging ritual before council meetings struck after student criticism
Illustration by Lydia Syme

From Aleppo to Kingston to New York, JD’s seventh issue of the 2015-16 academic year takes our readers across the globe.
Illustration by Lydia Syme

From the Toronto OCI Process to Trifles, JD’s sixth issue of the 2015-16 academic year includes a wide array of facts and fun for our readers.