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Features Measuring Mental Capacity in Sports: The Dennis Wideman Incident by Jordan Kirlik (1L) Vitiating factors: How one Toronto doctor’s “wrongful birth” claim could change Tort Law by Matthew Cook (3L) Culture Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love with Red Lobster? by Jaymie Maddox (2L) Opinion A Day in the Life of a Transfer

What are the copyright implications of Bey’s not-so-subtle reference to the family restaurant chain in “Formation”?

Hockey is no stranger to controversies surrounding fighting, but the NHL’s latest suspension of a Calgary Flames player for physical abuse of a game official may not be as simple as it seems. NOTE: This piece was written prior to the announcement upholding Dennis Wideman’s suspension.
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Matthew Cook speaks to Queen’s Law professor Lynne Hanson about a new Toronto case, PP v DD, could affect the way courts define “vitiating consent” in Ontario
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A graduating student’s take on the increasingly high price of becoming a lawyer.

De Minimis looks at some of the new laws that took effect after January 1st, 2016
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Military experts at Queen’s Law discuss the legal issues arising from the Bergdahl case

Juris Diction hosted the first LSS Election forum on Wednesday night. Check out the highlights from our live tweet of the event.
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From Serial to Smudging, JD’s seventh issue of the 2015-16 academic year gets some talk going.
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Motion to adopt smudging ritual before council meetings struck after student criticism
Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty. Photo from CBC.

Former Premier of Ontario delivers address to mark Sir John A. MacDonald’s 201st Birthday

Columnists Sheida Rezapour and Nika Farahani have created this space as a way to share ideas, challenge the status quo, and generate healthy debate
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Trudeau attempts to reform the Criminal Code
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From Aleppo to Kingston to New York, JD’s seventh issue of the 2015-16 academic year takes our readers across the globe.
Six-year-old Ahmad Mazan Khabbaz, fourth from left, a refugee from Syria, smiles as he is greeted by family on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015. Photo by Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

One young man’s journey to Canada as a refugee
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The year is new and the routine grind is slowly commencing once more. Fret not! I put together a short list of things to come on the 2016 horizon. This list is intentionally obscure, and each item occupies a different medium.
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A ‘reading between the lines’ of all law school cover letters
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Welcome to Boarding Pass, a series highlighting the international experiences of Queen’s Law students and alumni.
Robert Baltovich speaking to the room

A Review of the Panel on the Wrongful Conviction of Robert Baltovich
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From the Toronto OCI Process to Trifles, JD’s sixth issue of the 2015-16 academic year includes a wide array of facts and fun for our readers.