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Cinnamon Rolls - Credit Sweet Food

Get the sweet and sour of the five best places to get coffee (and more) in Kingston
Alie Shamie and Zac Dubeau

Meet the candidate running for 1L council Social Coordinator

If you answer questions correctly, you shall not cross.
Eli Goldberg and Lucy Sun

Meet the candidates running for 1L Council Vice President
Photo from the National Post

Queen’s Law alum Justice Cromwell’s retirement brings new appointment considerations
Daniel Brodus, Adam Fishman, Liam McMunagle and Devon Sampson

Meet the candidates running for President in the 1L elections
All Photo Credits: Jason Liang. Juris-Diction logo by Becca Dalke.

Some more books on sale at the Textbook Exchange…
Colby Harris and John Pappas

Meet the candidates running for 1L council Male Athletic Representative
Jordan Brezer, Shira Levine and Dixon Sunthorcam

Meet the candidates for 1L Faculty Board representatives

Meet the candidates for the 1L Council Secretary-Treasurer
Thousands of Tragically Hip fans pack Kingston's city square (credit: Lars Hagberg, The Canadian Press).

The legendary Canadian band Bring It All Back to their hometown

A completely subjective objective assessment.

Haven’t been keeping up with the news this summer? Fear not. Juris Diction is here for you.
By Jane Mundy

What the Pokemon Go fad really means for us…

How “kids these days” can make a difference in the legal world after graduation.
Illustration by Katharine Zisser

Social, policing, judicial, or correctional, justice continues to mean something far from its intent for Aboriginal people within Canada’s criminal justice system.
Photo from

In a collaborative chat between the Sustainability and Environmental Law Club and the Aboriginal Law Student Alliance, students discussed the interplay between these two areas of law, and their common interest in the protection and preservation of the environment.