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Moonlight. Courtesy: A24 Films.

Impressions of the big-hitters during this year’s film awards race   Moonlight   Why I loved it: UHHH this movie is so good! Where do I begin… perhaps with the subtle and gentle exposure of the realities of growing up in inner-city Miami. Or perhaps with the crushing and all-too
Credit: Queen's Law

It’s an easy exercise criticizing the world around us. The difficulty comes when we look inwards. If anything, the current climate of politics begs us to point fingers in disgust. But before we tackle the mayhem that awaits outside our Queendom, there are a few faults of our own that
Credit: Alyssa Leblanc, Juris Diction

When I saw that over one hundred people had “Tilted” for last week’s Smoker, let’s just say I was surprised. I thought most people liked to stay in on Thursday nights, telling themselves that they were going to have an easy night to get as much work done on Friday
Courtesy: The White House

Over the past weekend, Donald Trump’s official ascension into American leadership cut what may be the ceremonial ribbon onto a new era of global politics. After the renewed promise to end American carnage, Juris Diction met with two experts at Queen’s University to discuss their perspectives on the President’s trade
Courtesy of Bay Street Intelligence.

Today, a panel of Meaghan Obee Tower, partner at Stikeman Elliot, and Libby Nixon, a Queen’s grad articling at Stikeman Elliot, came to speak to the Women and Law Club about the difficulties of implicit bias present in the legal profession, and the ways in which firms can take steps
University Avenue, Queen's University - Credit: Alyssa Leblanc

Queen’s University made national headlines last week, and not in the way that it would have preferred.   After comedienne Celeste Yim tweeted photos from her Twitter account – since deleted – of undergraduate students dressed up as stereotypical depictions of Viet Cong guerrillas, Arab Sheikhs, Buddhist monks and Sombrero-wearing,
Courtesy of the Vancouver Observer.

A Real Change?   Ever since running and winning the 2015 election on a campaign promising “Real Change”, the Liberal Party has been playing a political switch-up of turtle and hare: real policy changes that understandably take time to form now seem to have only ever been rash wagers to
Edmonton Journal

Compromise may be the best way to peacefully progress, but now is a time for action
Illustration by Eunji Yi

A reflection on leaving a gap between undergraduate studies and Law school
Courtesy of Craft Beer & Wine

This was the first event held by the new Beyond a Reasonable Stout Club
Courtesy of Agnes Etherington Art Gallery

The 1L Council takes us on a whimsical journey through the Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Photo credit: Andrew Van Overbeke.

The Maven of the Supreme Court enthrals a packed house at Queen’s Law.
Photo by Alyssa LeBlanc, Juris Diction

Should Law school be more practical or should we preserve Academia?
Photo by Alyssa LeBlanc, Juris Diction

Female grads speak to their experiences practicing and finding their professional paths, while balancing personal goals
Courtesy MTL Blogs

The Liberal’s bill on Transgender Rights is before the House of Commons for the seventh time.
Courtesy of the Globe and Mail.

Why Justice Abella might be adding to the Supreme Court’s “liberal problem” – and I’m glad.
Illustration by Jane Mundy.

Jane Mundy (2L) is De Minimis Editor for Juris Diction.
Courtesy of the Toronto Star

The University of Toronto’s response to Prof. Peterson’s comments is troubling
Courtesy of HBO

Making the case against fully integrated artificial intelligence
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A review of Kingston’s latest pizzeria
Photo by Alyssa LeBlanc, Juris Diction

And the winner of the Juris Diction writing competition is…
By Jane Mundy

Clarification of terms is never more important

A Profile on new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres