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January 2017

Jordan Peterson. Credit: Nick Kozac, Toronto Star.

Should people have the right to decide the gender pronoun by which they are addressed?   Professor Bruce Pardy of Queen’s Law and Professor Jordan Peterson – the beleaguered and controversial figure at the centre of a controversy surrounding Bill C-16 – sparred on that question at the Runnymede Society’s
Jordan Peterson. Credit: Nick Kozac, Toronto Star.

On Monday, January 23, 2017 a debate was held between Professor Bruce Pardy and Professor Jordan Peterson at the Faculty of Law over the laws of Bill C-16, which amend the Criminal Code and Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression as enumerated grounds for discrimination

Introductory Remarks   These new Procedures are being rolled out in response to feedback from law students and accredited law schools in Ontario about concerns raised about the summer recruitment process (which has previously been referred to as OCI’s, and will henceforth be known as TII’s [Throw-It-In]). This multi-step process
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General Nominee. Courtesy: Reuters

On paper, Jeff Sessions is a conventional nomination for Attorney General, checking many of the traditional boxes used to judge candidates for the position.   A lawyer by trade prior to becoming a Republican Senator for the state of Alabama, Mr. Sessions had practiced in many areas of the law;
Moonlight. Courtesy: A24 Films.

Impressions of the big-hitters during this year’s film awards race   Moonlight   Why I loved it: UHHH this movie is so good! Where do I begin… perhaps with the subtle and gentle exposure of the realities of growing up in inner-city Miami. Or perhaps with the crushing and all-too
Credit: Queen's Law

It’s an easy exercise criticizing the world around us. The difficulty comes when we look inwards. If anything, the current climate of politics begs us to point fingers in disgust. But before we tackle the mayhem that awaits outside our Queendom, there are a few faults of our own that
Credit: Alyssa Leblanc, Juris Diction

When I saw that over one hundred people had “Tilted” for last week’s Smoker, let’s just say I was surprised. I thought most people liked to stay in on Thursday nights, telling themselves that they were going to have an easy night to get as much work done on Friday
Courtesy: The White House

Over the past weekend, Donald Trump’s official ascension into American leadership cut what may be the ceremonial ribbon onto a new era of global politics. After the renewed promise to end American carnage, Juris Diction met with two experts at Queen’s University to discuss their perspectives on the President’s trade