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March 2016

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Matthew Cook discusses Spence v BMO Trust Company with Professor David Freedman

A closer look at how Sephora stepped out from behind the traditional makeup counter and into the twenty-first century

Ethan Gordon sits down with Tyler Brent, Bryan Flatt, Ian Moore, and Michael Scott about their proposals in the upcoming Surplus Survey.

(Soon to be adapted to film as ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’)

Adon Moss is a 2015 graduate from Queen’s Law. Approaching the Bar and Articling, Adon knew nothing about the processes or what to expect; mostly, he was misinformed and unprepared. Six months into his Articling experience, Adon figures he should share some of the simple realizations he has had.

Shamelessly inspired by the cartoon on the lounge whiteboard

Packed General Meeting Leads to Important Decisions Concerning the LSS Surplus.
Illustration by Lydia Syme (3L)

What’s on the mind of students as we enter the final month of classes in 2015-16?

How a British referendum on the EU can turn into an international law quagmire

Make an informed decision before casting your vote on March 2nd

Russia will be absent from athletics events at this year’s Olympics. Staff writer Ethan Gordon digs into the details of this new Olympic scandal.