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November 2015

Robert Baltovich speaking to the room

A Review of the Panel on the Wrongful Conviction of Robert Baltovich
Illustration by Lydia Syme

From the Toronto OCI Process to Trifles, JD’s sixth issue of the 2015-16 academic year includes a wide array of facts and fun for our readers.
Photo background from the City of Toronto

Ultra Vires and Juris Diction take a look at the stats on the 2015 Toronto OCI recruit
law motivation 3

Exam season is upon us. Here are some posters to keep you motivated through exam season!
Illustration by Lydia Syme

Welcome to Boarding Pass, a series highlighting the international experiences of Queen’s Law students and alumni.
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On November 12th, 2015, one of the world’s most notorious whistle-blowers, Edward Snowden, provided a keynote address via Google Hangout to a packed audience at Queen’s.
Photo by Queen's Law Aboriginal Law Students Alliance

For the first time ever, the Queen’s Law Students’ Society (LSS) is conducting an election for the newly-created position of Aboriginal Student Representative. Juris Diction staff writer Catherine Cliff discussed the new position with Jason Mercredi, the 1L student who petitioned the LSS to create the position. Jason is also a council member of the Queen’s Aboriginal Law Students’ Alliance.
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Mariam Awan gives a primer on some contentious issues in the TTP
Cover art by Lydia Syme (2L), Juris Diction

From Patrick Kane to Beginner Books for Little Lawyers, JD’s fifth issue of the 2015-16 academic year includes a wide array of facts and fun for our readers.
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Ethan Gordon explores the evidentiary issues and media coverage in the Patrick Kane rape investigation
Supreme Court Judge Beverley McLachlin takes part in the welcoming ceremony for Justice Richard Wagner at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa on Monday, December 3, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

The first in a new series about everyone’s favourite Justices, Max Xiao gives us a peek into the woman behind the judgments we all know and love
Photo by Alyssa LeBlanc, Juris Diction

The Kingston Symphony presents “Symphonic Spooktacular”
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An interview with new MP and Queen’s Law grad Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
Image from the National Post

Why it’s okay to ask questions about our new government

Ian Moore’s guide to staying current on current events