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March 2015

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The perspective of an over-involved 3L student
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Is the U of T TA Strike a Labour Relations Issue?
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An Interview with former Attorney General of Ontario John Gerretsen
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The voices of people that we leave out and have left behind are the ones worth considering, if we really care about how inclusive our community is here at Queen’s.
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An Interview with Todd Storms (Senior Associate at Templeman Menninga LLP)
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I am writing this letter to you—via the public forum of Queen’s University—because I am really cheesed, and I want you, and the general Queen’s populace, to know about it.
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A Q&A with James Clinton (2L) and Billie Leung (2L) about their 1L Summer Job Hunt
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A real, behind-the-scenes look into the mind of an aspiring orientation leader
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Justice Rothstein reflects on more than two decades on the bench
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What kind of law professors do you have?
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A 2L’s experience as a caseworker for the Elder Law Clinic