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October 2014

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Maybe this is why philosophers aren’t judges…and because they’re dead
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An exclusive interview with CFL analyst and labour and employment lawyer Jock Climie
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Why doctors can do better than offer suicide as a medical treatment
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A collection of fine seasonal brews to help get you through the brisk autumn season
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Vulnerable individuals need protection, but not at the expense of their autonomy
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Surefire tips to leave an impression while mooting
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Over the coming weeks, Juris Diction’s Opinion section will be exploring the contentious issue of medically-assisted suicide
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In the wake of widespread criticism, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) has unexpectedly reversed its decision to intervene in Chevron Corporation et al v. Yaiguaje, et al. at the Supreme Court. The case involves a dispute over whether Canadian courts have jurisdiction to enforce a judgement by an Ecuadorean court
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Exploring the legal and ethical issues of the current regulatory framework
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Editor-in-Chief Adam Sadinsky reflects on Wednesday’s shooting in Ottawa
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Justice Barak, former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, gave the 2014 Laskin Lecture on Monday, October 20, 2014
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Queen’s Law criminal law faculty members cast doubts on potential success of Magnotta’s defense
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East Coasters Hey Rosetta! release their gleaming and glorious new album, Second Sight
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What impact has increasing the first-year class size by 21% had on the QL experience?
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The Queen’s Law fashion police weigh in on a timeless question: hot or not?
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A tragic tale of shattered hearts and stitches

Mild-mannered litigator Jack Lawyerman has an astonishing secret!
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1L student explores the current articling crisis and its possible effects on Queen’s Law graduates
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Queen’s Law Cancer Society raises $6,100 for breast cancer research at CIBC Run for the Cure
Photo by Bernard Clarke of Professor Adell's Memorial at Queen's University (September 13, 2014)

A former QLJ and CLELJ volunteer reflects on his experience with one of Queen’s Law’s best
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Where to get the best beers and cocktails in Kingston